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Ample electrical solution is working for years in providing tailor made solutions in electrical and mechanical fields of food plants and manufacturing plants. We are a small team but all are well qualified to calibrate any kind of flop in machines. Our engineers are capable of trouble shooting exotic industrial machines. On the other hand we provide variety of electrical and mechanical parts/products for industrial machinery. You can explore ample amount of products and services on our website that we provide. Go ahead, Contact information is given below.

We are currently providing almost every Industrial Solution but still we are missing some. We are constantly upgrading ourselves & trying to expand. If you want any other service differnt than that of mentioned on website you can always Contact us via Email or Contact Numbers given below.


Our motto is that, we are providing Every Value based electrical and mechanical Solutions in Affordable Pricing. Not with Just Clients we also help Fellow Agencies Like Us to Grow. We believe in Collaboration rather than Competition. Thats Why We are Different than Others !

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mail  ampelectricalsolution@gmail.com

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call  +91-7707876100 ,  +91-9034122235

  Ample Electrical Solution
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